When couples find out they are expecting a multiple pregnancy it can be overwhelming. Concerns over money, how they will cope, what will be needed, how will this affect the pregnancy, these questions can consume expecting parents minds. So it can really help to know that you are not alone and that many other couples have and are experiencing exactly the same roller coaster of emotions.

Becoming a member of any support group can be of great benefit. Sharing an experience can make a big difference as there is an enormous sense of belonging which we gain from being part of a group. Benefits include a network of emotional and psychological support, tips and suggestions from other multiple birth parents, possibility of being part of a research group, newsletters, blogs and the opportunity to exchange information that has ‘worked for you’.
Dads can also gain a lot through being a part of a support group as a lot of the time the focus is often and understandably on the mother and her babies.

Many parents who initially met through being a member of a Multiple Birth Association find they develop lifelong friendships which are maintained long after their babies have grown up and are independent.
The Australian Multiple Birth Association is a not-for-profit organisation consisting of multiple birth families to provide support, resources and education.

The Australian Multiple Birth Association can be contacted at amba.org.au