In 2018 we will be sorry to say farewell & good luck to three of our GP’s.

Dr Anthony Weller will be leaving us (and the district) in mid January after making the move to Mildura in 2010 and spending the last 8 years at Ontario Medical Clinic initially full time and then part time along with his teaching at Monash Medical School.  His care for his patients and his contribution in educating our future doctors will be greatly missed.

We are also sad to say goodbye to our Registrars Dr Joelene Lau and Dr Eva Curley who have spent the last 12 months here at Ontario Medical Clinic.  They are also leaving Mildura to continue their training elsewhere.  Dr Curley and Dr Lau will also be finishing mid to late January.

We would like to thank all three of them for their wonderful contributions to our clinic and we wish them well in their new clinics and towns.

In early February we will be welcoming Dr Lavanya Duggirala and Dr Rasin Bhuiyan.  Dr Duggirala is currently working in Mildura and Dr Bhuiyan will be joining us from Melbourne.  We are also hoping to add another full time female GP in early March and we will let you know once this has been confirmed.