Friday 27th October, 17

Bandanna Day is a fundraiser that focuses on supporting young people living with cancer. Every year, another 23,000 young people (63 a day) have to deal with the challenge of cancer.

Ontario Medical Clinic are supporting this wonderful cause and you can too by buying some merchandise at our front desk. Other ways you may like to help is by donating online or hosting a fundraiser yourself.

Money raised allows CanTeen to provide practical and emotional support for young people.

$50- Will help pay for one young person to attend a CanTeen Recreation Day and have a break from the daily pressures of living with cancer.

$100- Will help pay for one young person who has lost a parent or sibling to cancer to attend a weekend program where they learn to understand grief and develop skills to manage it.

$350- Will enable two young people living with cancer to have an hour long face-to-face counselling session.

$500- Will enable two young people to attend a one-night New Member Program to get a taste of what a CanTeen program involves and start connecting with others going through similar experiences.